Dr. Kaitlin Stewart

Concierge Physical Therapist

serving the Dallas Metro area

Specializing in The Schroth Method for Scoliosis, Sports, Orthopedic and Women's Health Physical Therapy

About Me

Dr. Kaitlin Stewart graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S in Brain Behavior and Cognitive Psychology before obtaining her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Emory University. Kaitlin has 10+ years of experience as a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics, sports therapy, and scoliosis along with pre and post-partum women. She is a Sports Certified Specialist, a C1/C2 certified Schroth therapist for adolescent and adult scoliosis, dry needling certified, and has had extensive training in manual therapy and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Kaitlin believes in the importance of one on one therapy and working with her patients to achieve their goals through a specialized and individualized plan of care. She has a passion for helping her patients return to their prior level of activity and utilizes her extensive sports training to help patients avoid future injury.

What I Treat


C1/C2 Schroth Certifed Therapist- Schroth Barcelona Institute

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Sports Certified Specialist

Specializing in Pre and Post Partum Care

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Manual Therapy

Dry needling Certified and extensive education in Manual Therapy

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Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Ankle

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Workout Planning & RUnning Analysis

I create specialized and effective workout routines for clients of all ages and specialize in treating runners and performing biomechanical running analysis

Core and pelvic floor issues

Pilates Mat Certified


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Schroth therapy is a specialized exercise program designed to prevent curve progression, improve posture, improve alignment and muscle strength/balance

Young Pregnant Woman

Pre and post Partum Care

Manual Therapy and exercise specific therapy for pre and post partum women to decrease pain and improve recovery pre and post birth.

Dry needling

Intramuscular treatment for myofascial trigger points to decrease tightness, improve blood flow, and decrease pain



Pilates is a method of exercises to improve flexibility, strength and posture while increasing overall body awareness.

Diastasis recti Treatment

Combination of manual therapy and exercises to improve diastasis recti and improve approximation and deep core/pelvic floor strength

Assorted sports equipment

Sports/Orthopedic Therapy

Sports specific exercises and manual therapy to improve pain, improve function and return to the activities you love

What is Schroth Therapy?

Scoliosis Spine Curve Anatomy, Posture Correction. Chiropractic treatment, Back pain relief.

The Schroth Method is a physical therapy three dimensional exercise approach to address muscular and postural imbalances for patients with Scoliosis. The exercises are talored and specific to each individual's spinal curvature.

The Goals of the Schroth Method are:

  • To decrease risk of curve progression
  • To improve muscle balance and symmetry
  • To improve posture and postural alignment
  • To improve respiration asymmetry and use breath to expand the collapsed area of the spine (the concavity)

Conditions treated with Pelvic floor Physical Therapy

Pain during

or after


Bowel & Bladder



Pelvic Organ


Pelvic Pain

Difficulty voiding or emptying bladder

Man Suffering from Back Pain at Home. Bad Posture Problem


Knee pain area.


Sports/Orthopedic Therapy



Muscular shoulder


Neck Pain Massage


Sprained ankle


Arm injury during tennis practice


Severe hip pain


What I believe

Physical Therapy should be specialized 1:1 patient care

Individual treatment program

Personalized home exercise program

Patient Education

Therapy goals based on YOUR goals

I believe that physical therapy should be catered to your specific goals with a treatment that is designed to make you successful to achieve your desired results.


I will forever be grateful for Kaitlin and what she did for me in my recovery from hip replacement surgery. Throughout my entire recovery process, I always felt that I Kaitlin knew exactly what I needed to do. Even before my surgery, she told me what to expect and anticipate. She ushered me through the recovery process with skill, drive, and just the right amount of encouragement. Whatever hurdles came up in my recovery, Kaitlin knew how to guide me over them. She literally has an exercise for everything! I appreciate you for what you have done for me. Thank you for being so great at what you do! - Mike G

Kaitlin is a one of kind physical therapist. She is intelligent, respectful and a great listener. She knows how to take her knowledge and use it to benefit your health issues. It is so nice to have a medical professional that you can completely trust! - Marie L.

With the diagnosis of scoliosis as an adult, I was told that there was "nothing that can be done" and it is a watch and see diagnosis. After learning about the Schroth Method, I consulted with Kaitlin and she has taught me so much. I no longer feel hopeless and a passive standyby with scoliosis. I have control over my body and the knowledge of my curve has really had a positive impact on everyday life. I will be forever greatful for what she has taught me. -Jane L.

As an athletic teenager facing the obstacle of a major hip surgery, I was scared of the unknown of what my future would be. However, throughout my entire recovery process, Kaitlin was always there to help me. She always went the extra mile and was more than a physical therapist. Kaitlin was great at kicking my butt into shape, but being an encouraging friend while she did it. I would recommend Kaitlin to anyone that needs a great physical therapist. - Olivia G

Kaitlin is absolutely wonderful. I have extremely high expectations and she exceeded them. She has a great understanding of how the body works and was able to address my back issues. I’m very grateful to have found her! - Margaux H.

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In home Concierge Physical Therapy

Serving: North Dallas, Plano, Frisco

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One Hour Cost: $189, 1.5 hour session: $284

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